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video and photo in the posts.

Hi Unikum 

I have a few questions/suggestions/ideas for you to consider. 

The main issue I personally have is the videos on the platform. You limit teachers to 30mb videos and with the modern phones (ok quality video) is about 15 seconds. So what happens is either the video is filmed or uploaded in a very bad quality to make possible longer videos or they are sliced and uploaded in pieces. I know that it is possible to use youtube, dropbox or other Cloud drives to upload the video, but there are many issues with that (safety, personal information etc), plus it takes more steps to create a post with a few videos and photos. And we want teachers to concentrate on other things than clicking around the video hostings and waiting for an upload to complete ... I think such integration should be seamless! Teachers should be able to upload larger video files.

Second thing are photos. I want to keep them and now I have to one-by-one click the (right click) and save the images. First of all the images are not clickable (I can't left click and open full screen image), please add some javascript gallery framework that can show all the images on the post in a nice gallery and so I can download all the images from the post with one click. 

these are 2 the most irritating for me right now, there are more but in a nice-to-have category. 


We have the limit due to all messages and blogs can be emailed. 

I take the picture feedback to the product owner.

Kind regards  Unikum customer service.

Hi Kimmo, thank you for the message. 

In that case I think it is better to have the "email" checkbox disabled once a large video or photo is added to a post. and post creator can be notified that this post can't be emailed because of large video size. 

I think it is super-crucial to have ability to post large videos for parents to see. Now we see video clips in the posts about 5-6 seconds long, this is not enough time to figure out what's going on in the video. 

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