It should be easy to communicate and have a dialogue with staff, parents, children, and students in Unikum. Administrators and principals (with an observer role) can send Messages to multiple preschools, schools, and groups. Teachers and educators can send messages to all the groups they are authorized in.

Feel free to check out more videos and information at Unikum Academy.

Send a message from the homepage

  • Click on the Create New button on your homepage.
  • Select Message.

  • In the next step, select the recipients. You can select an entire group or individual students.

In the message editor, fill in the Subject, content, and choose the roles that the message should be visible to. You can add images, videos, voice memos, etc., by clicking on the blue plus button. If the message is related to a specific date/time, you can fill that in as well. If you want to schedule the message, you can do so too via the three dots i the top right corner. 

Send a message from a person/group

  • Go to the group/person you want to send a message to.
  • Go to the Messages tab and then click on Create new.

Write a message as described above. It is particularly important when sending messages to individuals to double-check that the recipients are correct before publishing. Similar to the Learning log, you can choose to send the message as an email directly. If you choose email, the entire message, including images, audio, attachments, and links, will be sent via email to the selected recipients and can be read directly.

Whom can I send messages to?

Your role in Unikum determines the recipients you can send messages to. Contact the person responsible for Unikum in your municipality if you are unable to send to the recipients you need.

In general, an administrator can send to everyone in the municipality. When the administrator is at the municipal level, they can send to all roles, school forms, and their groups. At the preschool or school level, they can also send to groups within the organization and selected individuals.

A preschool or school principal can send to multiple preschools and schools, groups within the organizations, and selected individuals.

A pedagogue or teacher can send to the groups they are authorized in and to those who are part of the group or groups.