Article for Guardians

It is convenient for guardians to report their child's absence from preschool/leisure-time directly in Unikum Familj. You can report either a full-day absence or a partial-day absence.

Report absence

  1. Log in to Unikum Familj and navigate to the child for whom the absence needs to be reported. 
    • If the child will be absent for the entire day, mark the relevant date.
    • If the child will be absent for only part of the day, expand the "Partial Day" section and fill in the times when the child will be absent.
  2. Click on Report

Leave a message for the staff (same day)

Many preschools/leisure-time centers have limited the ability for guardians to make changes to their children's schedules too close in time. 

However, there are occasions when guardians need to communicate changes to the schedule anyway, and that's why this option is available in Unikum. Guardians can, on the same day, report their child as absent or leave a message for the staff.

  1. Log in to Unikum Family and navigate to the child for whom you want to communicate a change.
  2. Go to More and click on Drop-off Pickup to open the child's schedule.
    • If the child will be absent, check the Free box (and write a message if desired), then press Update.
    • If you only want to communicate a change, write a message and press Update.

The staff will then see this when they manage the children's attendance during the day.