When a person is added in Unikum, the person is automatically assigned a username and password.

If you also register an e-mail address for this person, you as an administrator get the opportunity to afterwards send out the login details directly via e-mail to the registered person. If you choose to waive this, you can do so at a later time.

If e-mail addresses are missing, login details need to be sent out in another way, for example giving the username and  passwords manually.

Send out login details

Go to the school or preschool home page.

Click on the Wrench - Relations.

Click the New Users tab.

All new users in the group/class or preschool/school are now displayed here, regardless of role, but you can sort by role (or other desired sorting)

Tick the new users who will receive login details sent via email (only users with registered email are clickable).

Click the Send Password button.