Regardless of which role or roles a person should have in Unikum, they are entered in the following way.

If you add a person to the preschool/school, they can be added as staff, children/students, guardians, observers or administrators.

If you add a person directly to a group, you can choose educator/teacher, child/student or your administrator (only use this in exceptional cases).

In order to save time and administration, it is easiest to directly add the person to a group/class, so you save a step. Otherwise, it needs to be connected later, but it may still be necessary if the person is to belong to several groups.

There are three ways to add people to Unikum, regardless of what kind of person it is.

1. New person who has not been in Unikum since before - Use "Add" (when adding a child, enter the birthdate and -TF01-TF99:  for example: 20200325-TF04)

2. Person who is in Unikum but in another school in the organization or school

Add a new person

Select your group

Click on the wrench

Select the relation (child/teacher)

When adding a new user: enter the birthdate and -TF01-TF99:  for example: 20200325-TF04. If it is a staff member or teacher, random numbers suffice [00000000-TF01]

Fetch person to class/group:

  • Select a group/class
  • Click on the admin wrench
  • Select Relation (Child, Staff etc)
  • Click on the Fetch button
  • In the next page, click the Search button
  • Either type in the name, search based on roll or just press search
  • Tick the children/students to be picked up in the group/class
  • Click the Enter as child in group / Enter as student in class button at the bottom (under the children/students)
  • Note: Remember to remove the student from it's old group