Article for teachers/educators

It's usually the mentor/responsible educator who manages the entire process around the developmental discussion for their mentees/responsible children. Here, we present the different steps and what needs to be done to ensure the process flows smoothly. If the term "mentor" isn't used, educators in the department can also handle this process.

Different stages of the conversation process:

Step 1 - School Preparations

Step 2 - Home Preparations

Step 3 - The Conversation

Step 4 - After the Conversation

Step-by-step guide - here's what you do as the responsible educator/mentor:

Step 1 - School Preparations

Distribute conversation materials to your mentees (this can also be done by an admin or colleague, just ensure it's done for the right child at the right time). At this stage, only the staff can see what's written in the material. Guardians cannot read it.

The dialogue overview shows a progress bar indicating where you are in the process, and it also includes information for guardians. The text "The preschool's educators prepare for the developmental discussion. Guardians cannot access the material yet" is displayed for guardians on the child's homepage and on the conversation overview.

Step 2 - Home Preparations

After the preschool has made its preparations, educators have filled in the material and included things to showcase during the conversation, it's time for you to move to the next step. Click on "Show to guardians." Only then can they access the content and make any comments. Guardians receive a notification.

Note! It's not possible to go back once you've clicked "Show guardian" or "Preparations at home done!" However, nothing gets locked, so guardians can still work with the template even if the educator accidentally clicked one step ahead.

Once you've marked "Show guardian," the guardians will find the Conversation on their child's page under the Conversation tab.

Step 3 - The Conversation

When the guardians have finished reading, filled in their parts, and commented, they mark "Preparations at home done!" In cases where guardians receive the material on paper, you as the mentor can mark it for them.

Step 4 - After the Conversation

After the conversation is conducted, and you've recorded any notes (and added any agreements), click on "Dialogue completed" check off those who participated, and note if more than those selectable were present. The material is now locked for further editing and archived in the child's record.

After conducting the conversation, you enter the "After the Conversation" phase until new material is added for the child. If your preschool works with individual agreements, you can continue working on them even when the material is "locked," but only the evaluation section, if available, remains open for editing. In this phase, guardians can see everything written in the material.

Note! When you give children new conversation materials, it becomes harder for parents to find the old ones as they need to go to the child's archive to read, so it's best if the latest information remains visible for as long as possible.