The tool is available for schools and groups, as well as for individual children/students.

In the learning log, both staff, guardians, and the students themselves can create posts. These posts are displayed for the chosen target audience but are always visible to the child/student as well.

In preschool, the learning log is a useful tool for educators (and guardians) to document the child's development and learning.

In primary and secondary school, the student can also use the learning log for their own documentation and reflection on their learning.

Posts in the learning log can be linked to materials such as Google Drive, Office365, YouTube, etc.

To create a learning log:

  • Go to the desired person.
  • Select the tab called learning log.
  • Click on the box that says "Write a new learn log here..."
  • Type the desired title.
  • Optionally, select a label (to make it easier to find later).
  • For school levels (such as primary/secondary school) with subjects, you can connect the learning log to a specific subject.
  • Optionally, link the learning log to a planning.
  • Write the post using the editor.
  • Attach any images, files, connections to the curriculum, or other linked materials.
  • Choose the recipients under "Show to..."
  • Publish the post (you can save it as a draft first) or send it as an email. (If you publish it, an email notification will be sent the following night. If you send it as an email, it will be sent like a regular email immediately.)