If the teacher has a set of dates and times intended for having the dialogue with the student and teacher, the teacher can enter all the available times and let the guardian choose the time that suits them. Adult students can also book a proposed time. See Propose times further down the page.

If the teacher wants to assign a specific date and time to a student and their guardian, the teacher can use Assign times (see below).

Note! In order for students and guardians to be able to see the proposed times, it is important that:

  1. The children/students already have the correct dialogue template assigned. Times are proposed after a dialogue template has been assigned.
  2. Times must be proposed within the same group that the dialogue template is assigned to. (For example, you cannot assign the dialogue template to a mentor group and propose times in a home class)

Propose times

Who can I propose times for?

A teacher proposes times for children/students' dialogues, but only guardians can book the time (except for adult students, they can book their own time).

The times are shared for everyone in the group. If there are two or more mentors in the class, you can add the mentors' names under Location and communicate to the guardians to only book the times with the "correct" mentor's name under Location.

How do I propose times?

  • The teacher needs to propose the times within the same class/group they assigned the dialogue to.
  • Times must be proposed after a template has been assigned.
  • Click on "Propose times".
  • Select dates from the calendar that appears.

  • Add time and location for the selected date.

  • Once you have added all the times you want to offer, click on Publish Times. Now guardians can book the time they prefer.

How do guardians see the proposed times?

They can see it on their child's homepage if they view it in a web browser. If they use Unikum Family, they go to Dialogue and the times will be listed there.

Currently, no notification is sent to guardians when times have been proposed. A good way to inform guardians that it's time to book appointments is to send a message to everyone, instructing them to visit their child's page and book a time. Take the opportunity to welcome them and also inform them about how they can participate by accessing Unikum before the dialogue.

Assigning times

If you want to assign a dialogue time to a student (and guardian), go to the student's profile in the Dialogue tab and click on Choose time and place.

Choose the date and time in the same way as mentioned above.

You can send the assigned time by clicking on the three dots. You will see that it has been sent when a small envelope appears.