One can choose whether to assign planning on a group level, meaning a common plan for the whole group/department, or individually to individual children/students.

The most common practice in preschool is to assign a plan to the group, and then evaluations are done in the Learning log for the entire group. If desired, individual children's Learning logs can be linked with examples for evaluation.

In order to work with a plan for the children/students, they must be published in Unikum Share. After this, the planning is assigned to a group.

When it's time to use a plan that has been created and published in Unikum Share, it needs to be assigned to the students. 

This can be done in two different ways:

  • From Unikum Share
  • From class/group or individual student.

To assign a plan from Unikum Share:

  1. Go to Unikum Share.
  2. Find the plan you want to use. Note: Always use your own plan (or a plan you are a co-editor for).
  3. Click on the title to open the plan and see its content.
  4. Click on Assign (Tilldela).
  5. Choose the group/class and the students who should have the plan, then confirm your selection.

Assign planning from Class/Group

  1. Go to the group's homepage.
  2. Click on Planning.
  3. Click on Create or assign.
  4. Find your plan in Unikum Share and open it.
  5. Click on Assign (Tilldela). Now you will see a list of all the children/students in the class/group. All of them are preselected.
  6. If all students should have the planning, click on Assign (Tilldela). Otherwise, uncheck the box for the students who should not have the planning, and then click on Assign.

Assign planning to an individual child/student

You do it the same way as for the group/class, but go to the student's homepage and then Planning. After this, the process is the same as above. Another option is to go from the group's homepage and select one or more students instead. The result will be the same.