You can create the same learning log entry for multiple children/students simultaneously if you want to document similar things for several children/students and maybe also supplement with individual documentation for each one.

Note that you can also create the same entry for multiple groups/sections simultaneously.

Note! After copying to the learning log, any edits made to the original entry will not be reflected in the copies. Each learning log entry is a separate copy that can be edited individually for each child/student.

Copying a learning log entry to one or more learning logs:

  • Go to the relevant group/child/student
  • Select Learning log and create a new entry or open an existing one that you want to copy to one or more children's learning logs.
  • Click on the three dots on the right and select "Copy" from the list that appears.
  • Select the children who should receive a copy (Note that after copying, they will no longer be linked to the original learning log entry, meaning that all changes need to be made in each respective learning log after the copying process is complete.)
  • Click "Publish copies" if you want to publish immediately, or "Email copies" if you want them to be emailed to the recipients as well, or "Save as drafts" if you do not want to publish the copies right away.
  • Select the recipients of the copy, i.e., children/students, guardians, staff, and/or mentors.