The absence overview for a student is displayed when you go to the specific student and click on absence. Here you can see the student's absences as well as their schedule. When looking at the student's schedule, you can detect if there are patterns in the student's absences, thanks to the easy-to-read schedule.

In this view, you can see the following for the student:

  • Unauthorised absence % and time

  • Authorised absence % and time

  • Attendance % and time

  • The amount of lessons that have been reported by teachers in number of lessons and %

Use the filtering to select the dates for which you want to see the student's absences. You can also filter by the subjects you want to see.

If you click on a day, you will get all the information about that day, who reported the absence, whether it was the home or the school, as well as which lesson the student was absent from.