Article for Admin/Teacher/Educator

Unikum's own module for attendance management in preschool and after-school care. If your school/municipality is interested in knowing more and/or trying it out, do not hesitate to contact your customer representative at Unikum!


Educators can find the attendance management icon in the right sidebar on their homepage. Clicking on the icon allows them to choose which group they want to manage attendance for.
Once you have selected which group to manage, you will get an overview of the number of children who are present, absent, on leave, or not yet checked in. If a schedule is set for a child, it will be clearly displayed, showing the specific times the child should be at the preschool/after-school care.

To check in, you click the checkmark box to the left of the child's profile picture and then click Check in marked.

If you have received information from home that the child will be on leave today, arriving at a different time than previously stated, or perhaps that someone else will pick them up, the educator can easily enter this information. The educator clicks on the child's name instead and fills in the new information in the popup box that appears.

If someone accidentally wrote a message for the wrong child or mistakenly checked in/out a child, it's easy to press the trash bin icon. This will delete that event.

It is also possible for the guardians to leave a message for the staff, you can read more about that here: Attendance Preschool- Report Absence