To facilitate the process of ongoing reflections on a specific work area, it is possible for educators in the group to write their reflections and analysis directly in the planning. If the planning is linked to a specific learning area, educators can also view all their reflections and analyses gathered in that learning area. 

Only the educators working in the group, as well as the principal, administrator, and observer, have the ability to write analysis and reflection in connection with a group planning in preschool.

The reflection and analysis section is visible only to staff members.

Reflection and analysis can only be done in the planning assigned to a specific group in preschool.

To write a reflection or analysis in connection with a planning:

  • Go to your group.
  • Open the relevant planning.
  • Scroll down to reach the analysis & reflection section.
  • Enter your reflection or analysis and save it as a draft or publish it directly.

To edit or delete a reflection or analysis

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your reflection or analysis, and you can edit or delete the post.