Here we have compiled answers to some common questions regarding user and account administration.

Will I be automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity?

Yes, for security reasons, you will be logged out after 45 minutes of inactivity, meaning no contact with Unikum's servers. To be considered active, you need to save something or click on an icon, person, class, or group.

The type of service that Unikum provides requires higher security than many other web services, which is why you always need to log in every time you want to use the service. It is not possible to remain logged in on the browser for the same reason. 

Some schools and municipalities may require higher security than just a username and password, such as requiring guardians to log in with BankID, SMS, or other forms of 2-factor authentication. We at Unikum have no influence over this and it is a choice made by each municipality. In these cases, neither Unikum's username nor password is used. The advantage of this type of login solution is that you can access many different services using the same login.

If you have questions about login solutions, usernames, security, etc., please contact the responsible person at your school/municipality.

Can I save my username and password in the browser/app?

Yes, this is a setting you can make on your computer, tablet, or phone. Note that you will be automatically logged out, as mentioned in point 1 above. In some places, there is an auto-save feature to support you so that your work in, for example, the learning log and planning editor does not "disappear" because you did not save before being automatically logged out. For those who log in through another method, such as a school portal, BankID, etc., the time until automatic logout may vary and some login services restrict the ability to save usernames and passwords in browsers or apps.

Who can see my contact information, and can I influence it myself?

Those who have a relationship with you in Unikum can see your contact information. If you are a student, it is visible to all staff, your classmates, and their guardians. If you are a guardian, it is visible to other guardians, students, and staff in the classes/groups and schools you belong to. Many users in Unikum automatically have hidden contact information when they come in via synchronization. For guardians and students, their contact information is only visible to school personnel.

Can I have different email addresses for notifications as a guardian and as staff?

Yes, if you have dual roles, you can have different email addresses for private notifications in your role as a guardian and as staff. 

Can I, as a guardian, add a picture for my child?

 Yes, guardians can add/change a picture and presentation for their child up to grade 3. Go to the child's homepage and click on "Edit Profile" to make changes. (If other information, such as address, is incorrect, you need to contact the school/municipality to have it changed as the data comes from other systems in the municipality and needs to be changed there.) By adding/changing a picture of their child, guardians give consent for the image to be displayed to users who have a relationship with the child.

How do I enable spell-check in Unikum?

Set up automatic spell-check in your preferred language in your browser, phone, or tablet, and it will also work in Unikum.

Does Unikum support text-to-speech functionality?

Text-to-speech programs that can be used to read content in web services should also work with Unikum, but there is no built-in text-to-speech tool.