All work related to summative assessment, written evaluations, and criteria tables is done under the tab Knowledge. Assessment can be done several ways. 

  • Assessing one subject/course for a single student.
  • Assessing multiple subjects/courses simultaneously for a single student (often used for updating assessments).
  • Assessing one subject/course at a time for multiple students.

Assessment in a subject/course for one or multiple students simultaneously:

  • Go to the class/teaching group's homepage.
  • Go to Knowledge.
  • Select the subject/course. (Note that if you are in a teaching group linked to a course, the correct course is already selected)
  • Mark the students for whom you want to make a new/update assessment by checking the box to the left of their name or click on the blue box in the upper right corner: "Ändra bedömning för hela klassen" (Change assessment for the whole class)

  • You can give the same comment to multiple students simultaneously by selecting "Till alla" (To all).

  • The same applies to "Utvecklingsområden" (Development areas). 
  • Once you have completed what is common for all/multiple students, you can go to each student and add specific information relevant to that individual.

Note! When assessing multiple students simultaneously, there is no auto-save feature, so the teacher must manually save drafts regularly. In Unikum, there is a timeout feature that logs you out after 45 minutes if you haven't updated the page, so we recommend saving drafts frequently to avoid losing assessments and comments. If you are working in multiple windows or tabs, it is also important to refresh them after saving the draft to ensure that all windows/tabs are updated with the latest information.

Please note that it is up to your school to decide whether to write comments, link to the curriculum, and write comments on development areas. It is not mandatory but rather an opportunity for clarification when needed. In Unikum, you also have the option to supplement with supporting materials such as plans and/or assessment matrices, as well as the blue criteria tables.

Marking in the criteria table:

You can mark in the table at any time, either when making the assessment/writing the evaluation or later. If you prefer to do it later, we suggest saving the draft and continue filling it in gradually, and then publish when you want to show it to the student/parent. When you choose to publish, both the markings in the table and the assessments with any comments will be published. Everything is interconnected.

Read more about criteria tables in the article "Så här fungerar kriterie-tabellerna" (How the criteria tables work).

Save draft or Publish:

If you save the draft, it will only be visible to the teachers in the class/group. The student and parents will still see the latest published assessment. When you publish, it will be visible to other staff members, the student, and parents, and a notification will be sent out.

It is common for teachers to make assessments and save them as drafts until a specific agreed-upon day when everyone publishes their assessments.

Note! The assessments in the criteria table are only visible to the student and parents if your school has chosen that option. Otherwise, published assessments in the tables are only visible to the staff. You can find information about this at the top of the table.