Many people want to upload videos, images, and files in the learning log so that for example guardians can see their children's learning at home.

Since we all use various devices such as PCs, Macs, iPads, smartphones, etc., it's important to be extra careful when uploading videos, images, and files so that everyone, regardless of where they choose to access the content in the learning log, can view the content.

What's the size limit of files that can be uploaded?

The maximum file size is 50 MB. If you try to upload a larger file, Unikum will notify you.

If you have the option to use a drive of some kind, you can upload a larger video there (remember to adjust the permissions so that everyone can access the file) and then include the link in the post.

Files/Attachments - It's recommended to use PDF files, which can be viewed from all different devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, PDF files are compact and faster to handle for the recipient. iPhones also support Microsoft Word format (.docx), meaning they can open newer Word files directly on the phone. However, to be on the safe side, use PDFs whenever possible. Linking is also a good alternative.

Images - Here, we suggest using .PNG format, which can be displayed in apps and web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones. They are slightly larger than .JPG files, but they contain significantly more information, which is another reason to use the .PNG format. However, all standard formats work well.

Videos - Here we come to the most challenging part because we want both a simple and quick process for recording and uploading videos while considering the recipient and how they can access the video.

If you want to ensure that everyone can view the video, it's good to upload it to platforms like YouTube and embed it or provide a link to the video in the learning log. Alternatively, you can convert it to the MP4 format, which everyone can view. A drive can also be a good alternative. Tip! It's also possible to record a video directly in the learning log if you're using a phone or tablet.

Note! If you're recording the video with an iPhone or iPad, you need to change the format to the lowest option under camera settings, video recording. This is because other devices don't support the highest format used by Apple products.