You, as a mentor or educator, can write learning log entries for your groups/classes. You can attach images, files, links to the curriculum, or other linked materials to them.

You can choose who should receive the post, who can edit it, and whether comments are allowed.

The learning log can be used for educational documentation by the work team.

Here's how you do it step by step:

  • Go to the group.
  • Click on the Learning Log tab and check the box that says "Write a learning log here." Alternatively, on the group/class homepage, click on "Create new" and select Learning Log.
  • Write the desired title.
  • Choose the desired labels to make it clearer and easier to find later.
  • For primary and secondary schools, you can also link the post to a subject.
  • Select the roles that should have access to the post under "Show to".
  • Write the content of the post in the editor.
  • Attach any images, files, links to the curriculum, or other linked materials using the respective buttons.
  • Choose who can edit the post, either just you or all the staff in the group.
  • Specify whether comments are allowed or not.
  • Publish the post (it can be saved as a draft first) or send it via email. (If you publish it, an email notification will be sent the following night. If you send it via email, it will be a regular email.)

Email: The entire message, including images, audio, attachments, and links, is sent via email to the selected recipients and can be read directly. The post is also saved in the learning log.

Publish: The post is published in the learning log, and a notification with a link to the learning log entry is sent via email, later at night, to the selected recipients, who need to log in to Unikum to read it.

Note: Staff members and mentors always see all the entries in their school/preschool. If you select them as recipients, they will also receive the notification/email. However, if the message is not specifically directed to them and they don't need to receive a notification, you don't have to check the box for them.

If you accidentally forget to check "Send as email," you can click on the three dots when you are in reading-mode of the post and select "Email" from there.

Finding a learning log post with a label:

All the entries for the group/class are still available in the learning log, sorted from newest to oldest by month as you scroll down. You can also filter the entries based on the different labels or subjects to see the ones you are interested in.