Show the contact list in the app

To show the contact list in the app, go to the menu More and scroll down to the option Contact lists. If you haven't already chosen your child the app will prompt you to do so now. In the top you can choose which group to display and then you will see a list of the members in that group. If you click on each member you will see their contact details, if they have allowed their contact details to be shown. 

Show the contact list on the web

If you click on a group/class you are connected to (as a guardian, staff, or student), you will land on the overview. Then click on Contacts to view contact information for the members in the group/class.

If you are an educator in the group/class, you will first see the group's homepage displaying the children/students and educators present in the group, and then you can choose the Contacts.

At the bottom of the contact list, contact information for the group's staff is displayed. Expand the contact details by clicking on the arrow.