Yes, Unikum has open showcase schools/trial schools that are open to everyone. These schools are partly intended for all staff members of our users to try out themselves and also to see what it can look like in a school using Unikum. In the showcase schools, there is pre-loaded material for some children/students.

We and our educational partners also use the showcase schools when demonstrating and conducting training sessions. Therefore, there may be many people logged in at the same time, so if content appears that you haven't created, it is because someone else is logged in at the same time.

Feel free to use the showcase schools for introducing guardians as well.

Log in to the open Showcase Schools

Log in to Unikum Demo with one of the following users:


Educator - linaseger

Guardian - teresebauer

Principal - samirakahl

The password for all users is: hurra14!

Elementary School

Teacher grade 2 - algothammar

Student grade 2 - lovaelev

Guardian grade 2 - bertilask

Teacher grade 7 - astridfrisk

Student grade 7 - linneaapel

Guardian grade 7 - hannesapel

Principal - annfredman

The password for all users is: hurra14!

High School

Vocational High School

Teacher BAHUS15 and IM15 Construction and Mathematics - bodil

Student - pontuselev

Academic High School

Teacher SABET15 History and Psychology - rolf

Student - nourelev

Guardian - said

Principal - allanrektor

The password for all users is: hurra14!

Adult Education - Basic and Upper Secondary

Teacher SFI - svante

Student - lizaelev

Basic and Upper Secondary Ma, Hi, etc.

Teacher - elina

Student - davidelev

Principal - emilrektor

The password for all users is: hurra14!

Borrow showcase schools for internal training

For those who want to educate themselves and their colleagues during a study day, there are showcase schools available to borrow. Contact your central Unikum representative for assistance with that. We have prepared schools for all school forms that you can borrow for a day, subject to availability. These need approval from us well in advance as availability is limited and they are shared among all our customers.