There are two different options that are important to understand and use in the right circumstances: Deactivate or Remove.

1. Deactivate

This is equivalent to archiving and should be used as the primary option. When a plan is no longer relevant after completing the work area, it should be deactivated for everyone assigned to it. This helps to maintain clarity, as only active plans should be displayed. Additionally, plans or rubrics assigned to individual children/students should be archived and remain in their archive. This is accomplished by choosing to deactivate.

To deactivate a plan:

  • Go to the class/group for which you want to deactivate the plan.
  • Click on Planning (and then Rubrics if it is a rubric you want to deactivate).
  • Select the plan to be deactivated and click on Deactivate.

The deactivated plan/rubric will be moved to "See earlier" and will no longer be visible under the Planning tab. The content remains unchanged. All comments, tasks, assessments, etc., will still be available. If you wish to view the plan/rubric, you can easily do so through the student's archive or reactivate it by finding it in the archive and clicking on Activate.

Note: You should never delete a used plan. It is important to keep it as a reference for assessments, evaluations, and quality work. Delete should only be used when, for example, you have assigned the wrong plan or rubric by mistake.

2. Remove

If, for any reason, you want to remove an assigned plan from a group/child/student, i.e., delete it along with its content, including any assessments, tasks, and comments, you should use Delete. Use this option only in exceptional cases when, for example, you have mistakenly assigned the wrong plan or rubric to a group/child/student.

To delete a plan:

  • Go to the class's home page.
  • Click on Planning (and then Rubrics if it is a rubric you want to delete).
  • Click on Remove and confirm with OK.

Note: A deleted plan/rubric cannot be recovered, and its content cannot be restored. Normally, you should never need to use remove. Deactivate should be used to archive a plan or rubric that is no longer in use.

Please note that Remove in the context of Unikum Share refers to removing the original plan, and it can only be done with plans/rubrics that have never been assigned to anyone. Plans/rubrics that are in use cannot be deleted from Unikum Share.