Material in Unikum Share that is no longer in use is also not desired to be visible in Unikum Share. Therefore, there are two different options.

Remove - A plan, matrix, or template that has been published in Unikum Share but never used can be removed = permanently deleted. (Cannot be recovered)

Retire - A plan, matrix, or template assigned to one or more individuals cannot be removed/deleted from Unikum Share for security reasons. Instead, the option to "Retire" exists = hide.

Retiring entails:

  • It will no longer appear under "Mine xx" or in Unikum Share (i.e., under the "Entire Country" tab).
  • It can no longer be assigned to students/children.
  • It does not affect the copies already in use. Those using it have a copy that continues to be used as before.
  • The retired material is visible to you under "Mine" if you check "Show retired."

Retiring material in Unikum Share:

  • Go to Unikum Share and select Plans, Rubrics or Dialogue templates.
  • Make sure you are on "Mine." (For Dialogue templates, there is no "Mine," so you're on the school and can only retire if you're an authorized administrator.)
  • Find the material you want to retire.
  • Open it by clicking on it.
  • Click on Retire.

Removing material in Unikum Share:

If you have drafts you want to "discard" or unfinished material that shouldn't be used, choose "Remove" instead, which deletes it permanently. It cannot be recovered, so for security reasons, one can only remove something that has never been used.

Note! If you don't see a "Remove" button, it means the material has been used by you or someone else and, therefore, cannot be removed (see "Retire").